U.S. Army Corps Wetland Delineation Manual NE Regional Supplement





Wetland Inventory Form

CAWS is developing a Wetland Summary and Activity form to provide wetland scientists with universal set of criteria to be collected in the field. The collection of identical data by all scientists allows for the future comparison of data. Click here to download a copy of the spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel). This form is a work in progress so if you have suggestions on additional data that should be collected or a better way to record the data please send us an email at

White Paper

CAWS is drafting a white paper which focuses on defining vegetative buffers, reviewing buffer functions and introducing design criteria as they relate to protecting or enhancing water quality. The paper is titled "Vegetative Buffers for Water Quality Protection: An Introduction and Guidance Document, Draft Version 1.0".

This paper was presented by Bob Jontos during the 2004 Annual Meeting and is being made available to everyone in the hope that many people will provide comments thereby creating a true collaborative of the scientific community. The paper will be available for download until the end of May at which time comments will be incorporated. A final draft is expected to be posted sometime in the fall of 2004. If you wish to provide comments, additional citations or other revisions, please highlight ALL your changes and email the document to

  • Click here to download an editable version of the Draft White Paper. Word format, file size = 130 kb
  • The PowerPoint presentation summarizing the white paper presented by Bob Jontos is also available for download by clicking here. The file is 668 kb in size.

Thank you for your interest in the vegetative buffer white paper.

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