Michael Lefor PhD Grant

Congratulations to Noah Sokol from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.  Noah is the 2015 winner of the Michael Lefor PhD Grant for his research "The ecosystem impacts of the invasive grass Microstegium vimineum on a Southern Connecticut watershed."  We wish him the best on his research and look forward to learning about his results at next year's meeting.


CAWS has sponsored a grant program dedicated to the memory of Dr. Lefor since 2001. Dr. Lefor was committed to furthering the understanding of wetland science. Dr. Michael Lefor was a founding member of CAWS and Chairman of the Education/Science Committee.

Grant Objective

CAWS is seeking to provide support for research conducted by a qualified undergraduate or graduate student from an accredited college or university in Connecticut. Research topics can include wetland or aquatic ecology, wetland or aquatic invasive species, stream or river ecology, fluvial geomorphology, limnology, watershed studies, or wetland law or policy. The student need not be a member of CAWS to apply.

Use of Grant

The grant amount is $1,000. The grant is intended to aid, not provide sole support of research expenditures. CAWS encourages applicants to seek other sources of funding to share project costs. Funds provided by this grant may be used for: purchase of materials and equipment, travel expenses, publication and printing expenses, funding of field assistants, etc.

Awarding of Grants

The CAWS Selection Committee will award the grant on the basis of:

  1. Scientific merit
  2. Research objective
  3. Originality of proposal
  4. Usefulness of proposed research
  5. Qualification of the applicant
  6. Explanation of project budget

Application Procedure

Visit this site towards the end of 2015 to obtain a copy of next year's application form.