Annual Meetings


"Research, Case Studies & Anecdotes: The Latest in Wetland Science"

on March 20, 2014.

Thank you to all of you who attended!  Almost 200 people attended the full day meeting of current research and applications of wetland science.

We also want to thank all of the speakers who generously shared their time and knowledge with us and the numerous vendors who were available to show and explain the latest products and books.  We sincerely thank you for your support!

Most of the presentations from the meeting are available for viewing by clicking on the presentation title below.

If you would like to suggest a topic for next year's meeting, please contact us at

List of Speakers and Presentations:

Paul Capotosto, CT DEEP,  Little River Marsh Restoration Project in New Haven"

Adam Whelchel, PhD., The Nature Conservancy,  Coastal and Riverine Wetlands and Climate Change Assessment Highlighting Municipal Preparedness, Resiliency, Mitigation and Adaptation

Chris K. Slesar, Vermont Agency of Transportation, "Rolled Erosion Control Products Guidelines, Wildlife Entrapment, and BMPs"

Zulimar Lucena, 2013 Dr. Michael Lefor Grant Recipient, "Factors Controlling Nitrogen Removal Efficiency in Constructed Wetlands"

Mark C. Dale, Winding Trails - Farmington, "Winding Trails Pond Wildlife Relocation Program"

Greg Sharp, Esq., Murtha Cullina, LLP and Cori Rose, USACE "Legal Updates, New Connecticut PGP, Case Law and Implementation of the 404(b)(1) Guidelines and Mitigation"

Scott Gravatt, 2013 Leslie J. Mehrhoff Grant Recipient Presentation, "Clark Pond Riparian Area Restoration and Enhancement Project (East Lyme)"

Sean Hayden, Northwest Conservation District and Steve Trinkaus, P.E., Trinkaus Engineering, LLC, "Morris Gravel Wetland Project and Gravel Wetland Design Principals" 



Since its inception in 1997, CAWS has sponsored a symposium to bring together State, Federal and Municipal Agencies, Environmental consultants, Students and others to present recent research, policies and techniques on a particular topic in Wetland Science. 

Over the years, CAWS has  offered the following important and exciting topics:

2014           Research, Case Studies & Anecdotes: The Latest in Wetland Science

2013            Wetland Stewardship: Minimizing Impacts, Maximizing Benefits

2012            Monitoring Wetlands and Watercourses: Methods and Benefits

2011            Striking the Ecological Balance: What's new in Wetland Science?

2010           Wetlands: Impaired to Pristine

2009           Stormwater and Wetland Management: An Update on Programs
                         and Practices"

2008           Wetland Management: Topics for Everyone

2007         Wetland Restoration, Creation and Monitoring - A Progress Report

2006         Connecticut Wetlands and Watercourses: Current Research and Programs.

2005         Wetlands and Watercourses: Indirect Impacts

2004           Wetland Buffers: Scientific and Regulatory Issues

2003           Practices and Policies of Wetland Restoration and Creation

2002           Tidal Wetland Systems

2001            Watercourses: Biology, Regulation, & Restoration

2000           Wetlands & Wildlife: Conservation & Regulation

1999            Wetland Science: Guidelines for Stormwater Management