Annual Meetings

We held our Annual Meeting on March 17, 2016.  It was a wonderful event.  Thank you to all the speakers and vendors who presented their research and products.

The PowerPoint slides for most of the presentations provided at our meeting are available for viewing by clicking on the project title below.

Speakers and Presentations from our 2016 Annual Meeting:

David Skelly, Yale University: Amphibian Population Responses to Dynamic Landscapes

Janet Brooks, Attorney at Law: “Role of the Wetland Scientist Before Land Use Commissions and in Court Proceedings”

David Vallee, NOAA/NWS: Examining Climate Trends in Southern New England and Its Impact on Storm and River Flood Behavior

Noah Sokol, Dr. Michael Lefor Grant Award Recipient Presentation:  "The Ecosystem Impacts of the Invasive Grass Microstegium vimineum on a Southern Connecticut Watershed: Mechanisms and Management

Chris Mason, Mason Associates: "University of Connecticut Wetlands Restoration and Mitigation Project"

Kevin Carifa & Christopher Samorajczyk, Connecticut Department of Transportation; and Simon Hildt, Stantec: "Tidal Wetland Creation Along the Connecticut Coastline: Real World Challenges and Lessons Learned"  

Amanda Saul, Connecticut Department of Transportation: Northern Long-eared Bat: Status of the Recent Federal Listing and Effects on Project Planning